The Head of the DPR Signed a Decree That Returns the Name “Stalino” to Donetsk

The historical name Stalino can now be used on an equal basis with the modern name Donetsk on commemorative dates related to the Great Patriotic War. This is stated in Decree No. 111 of the Head of the DPR, Denise Pushilin, published today.

“I decide to establish as a symbol of the city of Donetsk the name ‘city of Stalino’, used along with the name ‘city of Donetsk’ during republican and city events dedicated to commemorative dates in the history of the DPR and the city of Donetsk, connected with the Great Patriotic War,” notes the text.

These are dates such as May 9th – Victory Day, June 22nd – Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, and September 8th – Day of Liberation of Donbass.

Stalino is the historical name of Donetsk. The city was called Stalino from 1929 to 1961.

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