The Head of Ukraine International Airlines Inadvertently Admitted Ukraine’s Guilt in the MH17 Crash in Donbass

The President of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Evgeny Dykhne in an interview with a Ukrainian media agency made a loud statement. By blaming the Iranian authorities for the crash of the Ukrainian plane, he actually inadvertently admitted the guilt of Kiev in the crash of Boeing МН17 above Donbass in the summer of 2014.

Dykhne stated that the authorities are already responsible for the crash of his airline on January 8th as they did not close their airspace.

“If you want to know my opinion, it is the fault of those who did not close the country’s airspace. I do not care very much if the person pressed the button or the system activated itself,” said the head of the Ukrainian airline.

By analogy with Dykhne’s statement that the Iranian authorities are primarily to blame for not closing the airspace over the zone of armed conflict, an obvious parallel can be drawn with Ukraine.

It means that the crash of the Boeing МН17 in July 2014 was the fault of those who did not close the airspace over Donbass?

At that time, only the authorities of the country, led by now former President Petro Poroshenko and his associates, could do so.

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