The Head of Zaitsevo Irina Dikun: Ukraine’s Attacks Intensified After the Signing of the Steinmeier Formula

Irina Dikun told Komsomolskaya Pravda about the condition of the wounded on October 11th and the new destruction…

Ukraine does not want to act on the Steinmeier formula, which is intended to resolve the armed conflict in Donbass. In 2014 this village in the north of Gorlovka was on the forefront. The northern part of Zaitsevo was mined by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and the southern part was shelled from all sides: Mayorsk, Zhovanka, Bakhmutka, and Gladosovo. Their nearest positions are only 800 meters.

“From the very morning we hear small arms,” said the head of the Gorlovka village of Zaitsevo Irina Dikun to Komsomolskaya Pravda. “At night they completely beat us with heavy weapons. It is noteworthy that after the signing of the Steinmeier formula, Ukrainian militants only intensified their shelling.”

Irina Dikun said that over the past 24 hours the armed formations of Ukraine damaged the building of the former polyclinic and four private houses on Esenina Street and Karbyshev Street with shelling. Miraculously, no one was injured.

According to journalists in the representative office of the Republic at the Joint Ceasefire Control and Coordination Centre, Ukrainian armed groups fired anti-tank grenade launchers and small arms, including heavy machine guns, at Zaitsevo.


On the evening of October 11th 2019 Irina Dikun, together with her husband Aleksandr, saved the wounded resident of Zaitsevo 64-year-old Mikhail Maslak. A man in his yard fed chickens and ducks when a shell suddenly arrived from the Ukrainian side and exploded nearby.

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Irina constantly comes out to inspect the consequences of shelling. She found Mikhail bleeding. Together with her husband, Dikun took the wounded man to the nearby village of Nikitovka, from where he was taken by an ambulance.

“Unfortunately, the ambulance doesn’t come to us,” complains the head of front-line village. “Earlier firefighters didn’t drive, and now doctors are afraid.”

Now the operated Mikhail Maslak is in the resuscitation of hospital No.2 of Gorlovka. He has a wound to the chest (broken lung), abdominal cavity, and limbs.

“Mikhail’s condition is stable but severe,” said Irina. “We hope for a miracle.”

The head of Zaitsevo once again justified the title of person of the year, which was awarded to her by the first head of the Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko in early 2018. Irina Dikun has been helping the remaining residents of the village since the first days of the war, while the whole village council fled to Ukraine.

To date, 1600 people live in frontline Zaitsevo, 200 of them are children.

“Very tired,” complain the locals. “But we won’t leave our houses. While we are here, it is harder for Ukrainian bandits to break through the front line.”

During the war, 82 civilians, including three children, were wounded and killed in Zaitsevo. A 13-year-old girl died first. She saved her whole family, but she didn’t have time to run into the house. The shrapnel hit her head as she returned to the yard for the dog.

One child died with his family; a shell exploded in their home. In Zaitsevo every second-third person is if not injured, then shell-shocked.

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“Children communicate at school, after we do not let them go,” says the resident of the central part of Zaitsevo Nataliya. “It is unknown when Ukrainian ‘warriors’ want to shoot.”

Today, the streets of Lisyansky, Mirnaya, Manuilsky, Mareseva, and Brusilova have completely disappeared in Zaitsevo. Ukrainian militants have burned them with incendiary ammunition.

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