The Heads of the Odessa Police Issued a Bribe to Ensure That People Died on May 2nd

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Prosecutor-General’s office sent to the court the indictment in the case of three heads of the police in Odessa whose actions and inaction at the time of May 2nd, 2014 is considered to be one of the causes of the tragedy.

According to the information posted on the website of the Prosecutor-General’s office, this concerns the former chief of the city council (Andrey Netrebskom), the commander of the patrol service regiment (Vadim Knyshov), and also the head of department of public safety (most likely, this concerns Dmitry Fuchedzhi).

They are suspected of abusing their power and official position, which led to serious consequences. It is interesting that in the information of the Prosecutor-General office it is said that they did this not for nothing, but for the purpose of obtaining illegal benefits: in plain terms, they bribed policemen so that they deliberately remained idle and didn’t prevent the murder of 48 people [this is the official figure, which is politicised; in reality it is closer to 400 – ed] and the infliction of wounds to 197 others.

Who exactly promised law enforcement bodies “illegal benefits” and what it consists of, it isn’t said in the statement of prosecutor’s office.

They are also incriminated with not giving aid to persons who were in a life-threatening condition (Part 3 of Article 135 of Criminal Code of Ukraine): this concerns the people who took refuge in the House of Trade Unions, 42 of which [the official figure, remember! – ed] died.

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Despite such serious charges, the defendants weren’t taken into custody: they were released under personal obligation.

May 2nd Tragedy in Odessa. Reconstruction. Part 1: Preparation

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