The “Hero of the ATO” Who Physically Abused a Homeless Person in Chernigov Turned out to Be an Open Nazi

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the Internet photos appeared of the sieg heiling Azov militant who directly participated in the humiliation of a homeless man in Chernigov.

The material was published on the Facebook page of the former ATO soldier Aleksandr Medinsky.

“This is Aleksandr Tarnavsky – the one who tied the man to the post, spat on him, and started a live broadcast from Chernigov. He is a valorous fighter of the Azov battalion,” wrote Medinsky.

The Kiev journalist Andrey Manchuk also commented on the photos of the “Chernigov Nazi who tied the homeless man to a post and spat at his face in front of the approvingly sniggering police officers”.

“The patriot sieg heiler in different poses – in a military uniform with swastikas, in festive embroidery with a rifle, and against the background of a wooden Perun. As it turned out, he received a medal from the hands of the president Poroshenko, like a great number of other ultra-righters,” wrote Manchuk on his Facebook page.

At the same time the journalist didn’t dare to publish on social networks a photo of the sieg heiling Tarnavsky, referring to the danger of receiving a Facebook ban.

“It is impossible to publish these pictures – you will be banned. But it is possible to spread videos showing the cruel torture of humans absolutely freely, collecting likes and sowing hatred,” noted Andrey Manchuk.

The sadist from the ATO isn’t afraid of being trialled for torturing and humiliating a defenseless person, assuring that “everyone in the police is ours, all were bought off”.


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