The “Heroes” of UPA Sawed Prisoners Like Logs

On February 23rd the pseudo President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking in the Lvov region, advised Vladimir Putin to look through the pages about the Nazi henchman Stepan Bandera and the punitive UPA formation.

Let him thumb through the pages about Bandera and UPA – here there are all the answers to our current successes. Let him learn,

said Poroshenko

Thus, the Ukrainian historian Miroslava Berdnik decided to thumb through them again for additional clarity…

I will offer a reminder about the old publication of Oles Buzina on the website of the “Segodnya” newspaper, which was already deleted by the newspaper in an act of “self-correction”, where he quotes documents from the collection of documents about the OUN Security Service entitled “Insurgent intelligence operates precisely and courageously”:


It is worth glancing at the archives and special publications so that the real face of those for who ‘Glory to heroes!’ is shouted appears in all its beauty. Here are only a few facts that I dug up from recently published book of D. Vedeneyev and G. Bystrukhin with the ironic name ‘Insurgent intelligence operates precisely and courageously…’ It has the subtitle ‘Documentary heritage of special purpose units of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’. Everything is only on the basis of facts from the SBU archives!

We will begin with an excerpt from the document of Soviet bodies of state security about the use of torture by Banderists: ‘August 4th 1948 … the geologists working on the territory of the Stanislav region Balashova Nataliya – 1921 year of birth, a native and resident of Moscow, member of the CPSU – and Rybkin Leonid – 1925 year of birth, a native and resident of Moscow, member of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League – were captured and brutally tortured to death’. The corpses of two Soviet activists captured in June 1945 by fighters of UPA ‘bore traces of sadistic mockery’, their arms and legs ‘were twisted and broken, their eyes are gouged out, their hair had been pulled out’. By the way, one of the persons killed in such an original way was a woman. And one more died on 07.08.1948 after a three-day interrogation ‘about the horizontal and vertical structure of the party and Komsomol’, having refused to answer. However, even if she had answered, they all the same would’ve killed her. UPA didn’t have any other measures of punishment besides execution. But the latter had an incredible quantity of options!

SAW AND AXE. As the special message of the NKGB UkrSSR of 1944 says:

‘The investigative and punitive practice of the ‘Security Service’, being one of the kinds of terror that is carried out by OUN-UPA, has a character surpassing the middle ages in terms of its vileness. So-called ‘clamping’: when the interrogated person’s head is tied with a thin belt or strong twine and it is then gradually wound with a stick until the skull cracks, or their heels are cauterised, or they are beaten up – such is the method of investigation used by the ‘Security Service’ of OUN-UPA. Hanging, murders of the suspected people and their families, including mothers, wives, and children via an axe, sawing with a saw – this is usually how the verdicts made by the investigators of the police executive bodies of the ‘Security Service’ of OUN-UPA were implemented’.

This was written not at all in a propagandist document, but in a closed classified document of the Soviet Ministry of State Security. And here is an excerpt from the instruction for fighters of a special subunit of UPA dated this same 1944 that confirms this:

‘There aren’t any religious or behavioural morals in intelligence work. Here there is one goal – to achieve success in the interest of the result, which is dictated by the fight and success… for the sake of success it is necessary to sacrifice our honour, to use such methods as blackmail, deception, treachery, theft, lying, etc. For the good of the cause, even the most shameful act is moral and it justifies everything.’

If the known novel of Henryk Sienkiewicz is called ‘With Fire and Sword’, the saga about the feats of the favourites of Viktor Andreevich (Yushchenko) can quite be entitled ‘A Saw and an Axe’. Let him read it! Maybe it will do him some good!

One of the ‘heroes’ of UPA – Leniv, nickname Rezunchik – during an interrogation on August 20th 1951 admitted:

‘During elimination the most brutal ways of destruction were used: hanging, slow suffocation, burning alive on a camp fire, murder with cutting objects … About 200 people who were suspected of having ties with Ministry of State Security bodies, or members of OUN suspected of betraying OUN were destroyed with my participation. I don’t remember all of these cases of destruction of these persons, however I can recount them in an investigation. Thus, in August-September 1946, when our Security Service unit was deployed in the village of Topilsk in the Pereginsky district of the Stanislav region, to heads of a bandboyevka … ‘OMELKO’ (who was killed in 1947), suspected a girl nicknamed ‘CHARIVNA’, who was the courier of the Pereginsky regional unit of OUN – ‘SHERSHEN’ – of having ties with Ministry of State Security bodies. After the interrogations, which were accompanied by various atrocities, ‘CHARIVNA’ didn’t testify about her ties with Ministry of State Security bodies, however, despite this, the commandant of the unit, ‘OMELKO’, ordered to hang her’.

AGAINST EVERYONE AND ITSELF. Most likely, the poor girl was killed absolutely in vain. Simply because of paranoid suspicion. But UPA had extremely primitive methods of investigation. The semiliterate natives of the rural areas of Galicia and Volyn, who made up the main staff of the insurgents, weren’t fond of deductive methods. Their principle was – it’s better to shoot ten innocent people in order to punish one guilty person. If there were no ‘materials’ against the person captured by UPA guys, i.e., denunciations, then such an arrested person was sometimes released, and being beaten up during interrogation was counted as ‘punishment for being suspected of activity against OUN’.

Imagine, you are suspected of something by UPA. And according to their logic, you are guilty! Even the Gestapo didn’t go so far!

The insurgent army fought against everyone and even itself. On its conscience there is the well-known ‘Volyn massacre‘ of 1943-1944, when on the territory of this region all ethnic Poles were destroyed. Banderists slashed them by whole villages – like how the natives in the Congo now kill each other. Viktor Yushchenko tries to mobilise this horrible past today in vain. One only needs to dig a little bit, and such a trace will go for miles … Such bloody devils will rise from graves that not only (Tony) Blair won’t want to meet (Yushchenko), but it will be impossible to go to the neighbouring Poland to see Kachinsky. What reconciliation it is possible to speak about if the physical destruction of competing nationalist organisations – the Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army of Ataman Bulba-Borovtsa and activists of Melnik’s wing of OUN became the beginning of the fighting activity of the formations of Bandera. And even later the field commanders of UPA quite often staged infighting between themselves. For example, in 1948 two regional branches of OUN clashed – the unit of Yanishevsky nicknamed ‘Dalekiy’ and the unit of Kozak nicknamed ‘Smok’, the inventor of the especially sophisticated system of torture ‘stanok’. The result of feuds – 120 killed heroes of UPA.

‘Veteran’ in Latin means ‘experienced’. We are simply obliged to know and study all the ‘experiences’ of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.”

I want to show you WHO sawed people. Here is a photo of a young cutie – investigator of the OUN Security Service in “Yunak” magazine:

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