The “Honorary Patriarch” of Ukraine’s New Schismatic Church Awarded Neo-Nazis for “Fighting Against the Russian Aggressor”

The “honorary patriarch” of the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine met activists of nationalist organisations and awarded them with medals “For Sacrifice and Love to Ukraine”.

On May 30th the “Patriarch of all Rus-Ukraine” Filaret Denisenko congratulated activists, among who there was also the leader of the C14 radical organisation Evgeny Karas, with Easter and handed out medals “for fighting against the Russian aggressor”.

He noted that war revealed the best features of the Ukrainian people, and the soldiers implement the commandment of love.

“War is the evil that bears suffering and death. But it found the best features of our people,” said the website of the Kiev Patriarchate“, quoting Filaret. “Did you fight? You fought! Could you have died? You could’ve! As well as your comrades and friends. Soldiers who defend their Motherland embody the God’s main commandment of love”.

During the rewarding the “honorary patriarch” of the OCU thanked the militants for their love for Ukraine and emphasised that the medal is an award symbol, they will earn a true reward from God.

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