The Houthi’s Rout of the Saudi Army in Najran

The Houthis started to spread material about the defeat of 3 Saudi brigades that were surrounded in Najran.

About 2000 prisoners (Saudis and mercenaries), a mountain of weapons and dozens of pieces of equipment were captured. In fact, 3 Saudi brigades ceased to exist as combat-ready units.

The fleeing of the Saudi army:

Columns of prisoners:

Abandoned armoured personnel carrier:

As usual, the Houthis burn trophy equipment. This time, dozens were burned right away – armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, small arms, carts, etc:

Trophy small arms:

All of this looks like the largest defeat for the Saudis in the Yemen war. In terms of strategic consequences, this is not as important as the defeat in the battle for Hudaydah, but from the point of view of lost resources and the images of the consequences of this defeat, all of this will look like a sign of the blatant weakness of Saudi Arabia, which is already being smashed at the brigade level.

To all who buried the Houthis last summer, my special greetings.

Tehran probably looks at all of this and slyly smiles.

Colonel Cassad

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