“The Idea Reeks of Idiocy”: Ukrainian Political Scientist on the Possible Introduction of the Latin Alphabet in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin on his page on Facebook suggested to discuss the possible introduction in Ukraine of Latin alongside Cyrillic. According to him, the question arose during a discussion with representatives of the countries of Central Europe about the fate of the region and the role of Ukraine in it. Among those who Klimkin communicated with there were journalists, writers, and former politicians. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine called the discussion “deep and necessary”. He reported that the historian and journalist from Poland Ziemowit Szczerek suggested to introduce Latin in Ukraine alongside Cyrillic.

At the same time the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry urged to do what “unites, and doesn’t divide”. “On the other hand, why not debate? What’s your opinion on this? I wait for interesting comments,” added Klimkin, addressing the audience.

According to him, “Central Europe can be completely revived only after the liberation of Ukraine from its ‘post-sovietness’. Only in this case will it be a complete, self-sufficient, and successful project,” wrote Klimkin.

The political scientist Aleksandr Dudchak commented on the air of “Radio Sputnik” regarding the initiative of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

“Klimkin suggested to discuss it, but I think that in Kiev people understand that the idea reeks of idiocy. The introduction of a different font is complete nonsense. Not to mention that it would involve huge material costs, there is simply no need, there isn’t a grain of rationality. Why does Ukraine need latin? Just to make it differ from Russia? They will probably even change the clocks in order to at least live for half the year in a different time zone than the one in Moscow. Many nonsenses are being implemented in Ukraine now, but it (introduction of Latin) will, probably, already be the final diagnosis for the present authorities in Kiev,” believes Aleksandr Dudchak.

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