The IMF Took Control of Ukraine’s State Postal Service and Appointed an American Citizen as Its Manager

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The International Monetary Fund set the condition of appointing Igor Smelyansky as the head of “Ukrpochta” [Ukraine’s state postal service, which is also being culled by “western partners” – ed], which as a result was eventually done. This was stated by the People’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin on the air of the NewsOne TV channel.

“Smelyansky is a citizen of another state. Today he manages a very systematic business and strategic corporation that is especially important in the conditions of martial law in certain regions. He is a US citizen. Maybe other politicians won’t dare to say this, but I will tell you: appointing Smelyansky, and a few other agents as his deputies, was a condition of the International Monetary Fund. Therefore the first overseer from other governments there gets paid more than its head. Smelyansky receives 6.5 million hryvnia per year, and his deputy – 6.8 million hryvnia”

he said

According to Kaplin, Smelyansky was appointed the head of “Ukrpochta” especially to ruin the enterprise.

“Smelyansky is a killer. He was appointed there to kill this enterprise. Smelyansky was appointed so that some foreign investor – or later through our businessmen as a front – privatise the then becoming bankrupt enterprise”

stressed the people’s deputy

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