The Indian Anti-Maidan Began in Bolivia

In a world of fake news and manipulation, the media should be beacons of truthfulness and rigour with regard to the information they publish. However, most of them are now part of a global problem that the world has not seen before. Once the junta in Kiev said that an air conditioner exploded in the Lugansk Regional State Administration. Similarly, there is a Bolivian junta that will set up a commission to examine the COCA-GROWING farmers (i.e. they are no longer protesters against the junta, but DRUG TRAFFICKERS) killed by the police.

“After the clashes registered in the municipality of Sacaba, the Prosecutor General’s Office instructed to form and immediately deploy a group of IDIF experts to carry out medical examinations of the wounded and autopsies of dead coca producers,” it says in the communique of the junta.

Do you remember when Bolivia’s coup d ‘état was brewing? Several hundred people took to the streets, and news and press ran with headlines “Crisis in Bolivia”. Today, the river of pro-Morales people and pro-non-recognition of the state coup in Bolivia is visible only on social networks:

Bolivian police and the far-right are throwing stun grenades and explosive packages at Morales supporters in La Paz, but people are not even responding, no panic. No junta will be able to stop this sea of people who are confident in their correctness and victory.

At least eight people were killed and dozens injured in the Bolivian town of Sacaba on November 15th after security forces opened fire on supporters of deposed President Evo Morales, according to Associated Press. Two other police stations were reportedly subjected to a night attack. Since the shooting of protesters in Cochabamba, the demand for weapons has increased greatly. There have been cases of weapons being seized from the police before. The day before yesterday, for example, the police station in El Alto was “disarmed”. And after the shooting of Morales supporters in Cochabamba, against the lawlessness of the new authorities, the army and the police rose up to the rather neutral city of Potosí…

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Jeanine Áñez, self-proclaimed President of Bolivia, signed a decree freeing the military and police from responsibility for the crimes they commit, effectively giving Bolivia’s armed forces a license to kill.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was ready to give his life for Bolivia and Evo Morales.

“Bolivia is our sister country. We’re ready to do everything for her. To give lives to defend peace, democracy, and the lawfully elected President Evo Morales,” he said on a guest show, “This is not the end. A new stage of the Bolivian revolution is beginning. I’m sure Evo will be back…”

Morales’ supporters, farmers from Palcoma, Chinchaya, and Chicani, prepare to march to La Paz and say “hello” to the junta from the armoured vehicles of the Bolivian military who moved with the equipment to the side of the people. “I will return, and we shall become millions!” – these words of Túpac Katari sound louder than ever, when thousands of locals started arriving in the capital La Paz to support Evo and protect the country from a military coup supported by the far right and the United States!


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