The Ivano-Frankovsk Regional Council Wants Local Residents to Abandon the Russian Language and “Kill Their Inner Moskal”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On December 7th deputies of the Ivano-Frankovsk regional council recommended to forbid the use of the Russian-speaking cultural product on the territory of the region until Russia stops its aggression. The moratorium was supported by 68 deputies during a session of the regional council, reports the local “Kurs” publication.

It is noted that the draft decision was presented to deputies by Igor Debenko. According to him, this decision has an advisory nature. “We, as deputies of the regional council, must state our position. Let’s ask people to refrain from cultivating and pushing forward the Russian-speaking product of the aggressor,” he said. Debenko explained that “the Russian-speaking product of the aggressor” is understood as songs, movies, and music that is made by Russian citizens and companies.

In addition, it is reported that the deputy from “Svoboda” Vasily Popovic proposed, in support of this decision, to residents of the region to hold a flashmob called “Kill your inner Moskal” and to attract the attention of the drivers of minibuses and sellers who play Russian music.

It is noted that the moratorium was imposed for the purpose of avoiding an escalation of tensions in society and preventing the incitement of ethnic strife in defence of the Ukrainian information space against the hybrid influence of the aggressor state and overcoming the consequences of “long-term language Russification”.

The draft decision stipulates the creation of an inter-departmental working group with the participation of the public, law enforcement bodies, and workers of the state regional administration for the purpose of carrying out systematic explanatory work to natural and legal entities about the moratorium.

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