The Javelin “Rips Apart” the T-72: The Attempt at Deception Failed

Assessing the power of weapons by the power of their explosion and the brightness of their flame is not quite correct. In real life, combat is not as spectacular as it is presented to us in films. Not everyone understands that many breathtaking scenes in blockbusters are created thanks to computer graphics and pyrotechnic tricks. In reality, the battlefield may not be such a spectacle. However, this does not mean this or that weapon in battle is weak.

One of the short videos of a 40 ton Т-72 literally ripped to pieces…

In peacetime, weapons are needed to intimidate the enemy. As to say: we have the world’s most powerful anti-tank guided missiles, don’t even think about land battles against our country. Various tests and exercises are needed to demonstrate the power of technology. They are filmed, then distributed in the media.

Back to the beginning. The possibilities of cinema tempt some military chiefs and developers of military equipment to cheat. You can show your equipment to be a lot more powerful than it really is. The enemy, according to the idea of dishonest technology testers, should simply fall into stupor from fear at the sight of a “slightly processed” video from equipment tests.

Photo shows that there is almost nothing left of the “tank”

All of this is a long prelude to the fact that the Americans decided to cheat the whole world by showing a video of the legendary “Javelin” being fired. It looks convincing, but not for people familiar with military equipment in action.

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If you have not yet seen the video of a Т-72 being hit by a “Javelin”, let me remind you of its content: the “Javelin” simply destroys in the Т-72 into ashes. The targeted strike of the powerful missile caused pieces of the Т-72 to fly tens of meters. There is clearly some dirty trick here!

A multi-ton piece of the “tank” that fly tens of meters

It’s not that difficult to verify the veracity of the video. Several other “Javelin” shooting videos can be found against different targets to understand the extent of the destructive force of the anti-tank guided missile.

The idea immediately came to mind to watch the show “Weapons of the Future”, which is broadcasted on the Discovery Channel. There, we see that the target for a “Javelin” was a BMP-1. Its armour can only be protected from the bullets of an assault rifle or machine gun. The missile strikes the BMP, but pieces of metal do not fly in different directions. The BMP received penetration, but remained in combat position.

But in this video you can see other footage of a “Javelin” hitting armoured vehicles.

We watch another excerpt from the same show. The “Javelin” missile hits the Т-72, but nothing happens to it. Yes, it was damaged, but we don’t see a spectacular scattering of the turret and tracks to different ends of the training ground.

Footage from the TV show. After the missile hit the tank did not evaporate in a bright flash

Conclusion: The first video is staged. It’s likely that the tank was just stuffed with explosives so that it was smashed up to such an extent. The “Javelin” missile is powerful, but not as powerful as the video demonstrates.

BMP after being struck by an anti-tank missile. Screenshots from

Such heated discussions about the “Javelin” video test fragment also resonated with Lockheed Martin. “Javelin” devices cannot in reality cause such devastating damage to Т-72 class tanks. During the tests, a mock-up stuffed with explosives was used, since the company did not have a real tank of the armed forces of another country at its disposal.

The moment an anti-tank missile strikes an infantry fighting vehicle. Screenshot from

Therefore, for experimental purposes, the dummy Т-72 was filled with a radio-controlled explosive device with an active substance weight of about 40kg.

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