The Judeobanderist Roytburd Proposed to Build Entertainment Facilities at the Place of the Odessa Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The head of the Odessa art museum Aleksandr Roytburd considers that the House of Trade Unions should be demolished, and afterwards entertainment facilities should be built on Kulikovo Field.

“The burned House of Trade Unions is an embryo of the ‘Odessa People’s Republic’ [“separatists” – ed], which hasn’t had the time to developed in Odessa. It must be razed to the ground. It is said that now in Odessa entertainment facilities are being built everywhere. I consider that until this damned by God area is turned into an entertainment facility, the construction of other centers in Odessa should be forbidden. But there is a wide expanse there, so that an entertainment facility, aquapark, hydropark, amusement park, skatepark, arboretum, a zoo, and even a Jurassic Park can be built there. And there should be a sign like the one in Bastille – ‘people dance here’,” wrote Roytburd.

Stepanov’s appointee suggests to build a shopping center at the place of terrible death of inhabitants of Odessa

As a reminder, directly after the tragedy on May 2nd Roytburd said that all those who died on Kulikovo Field were sent to the Odessa from Transnistria and Russia. Roytburd was appointed as the director of the Odessa art museum on the order of the governor Maksim Stepanov, although according to law only the Odessa regional council can make such decisions.

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