The Junta in Kiev Destroyed More Proof of Its Involvement in the Sniper Shootings on Maidan

On Institutskaya Street in Kiev the process of removing stone blocks for the construction of a memorial to the Heavenly Hundred started, according to Ukrainian media. This jeopardises the completion of carrying out investigative experiments in the inquisition of the shooting of activists during the so-called “revolution of dignity”.

As the head of the Department for Special Investigations of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Sergey Gorbatyuk said, the investigator and the prosecutor did not coordinate the beginning of work on Institutskaya Street, thus investigative experiments can continue for no less than two more weeks.

“It became known from museum workers that the Deputy Prosecutor-General Angela Strizhevskaya gave such permission. We did not see the letter and it was provided without the knowledge of the investigator and the prosecutor, illegally with signs of interference in the activity of the investigator and the prosecutor,” said Gorbatyuk, who added that he is preparing letters for the builder concerning the suspension of work until the investigative actions have finished.

The lawyer of the families of the “Heavenly Hundred” Zakrevskaya, in comment “Gromadske”, reported that stone blocks had already been removed directly from the place that had already been established as the place that one of the protesters was wounded. In this case, the investigative experiment has not been completed, and the interference of builders makes it impossible to continue, she noted.

“Today, on May 13th, investigative experiments were planned at that part where the stone blocks had been removed… All last week we continued investigative experiments, and they were planned for this week too. They are not something that has not been completed, they are now directly in their active phase,” stressed the lawyer.

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According to her, on Institutskaya Street now the standoff between representatives of the victims and representatives of the museum continues.

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