The Junta in Kiev Killed a 15-Year-Old Girl in Donetsk and Then Blamed Russia for Her Death

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nikolay Azarov

Read this hypocritical sympathy of the murderer for the relatives of the victim that Vladimir Groisman [Prime Minister of Ukraine – ed] posted on his page on Facebook.

“Near Toretsk because of the shelling of the Russians the girl Darya died. Three days before her death she turned 15, she had only just finished the 9th class … My condolences to all her relatives. It is impossible to imagine more horrible grief. How much proof is needed – the deaths of children and their parents – that the whole world has understood that Russia is a wild animal who must sit in a cage? This murderer country doesn’t feel pity for people – neither its own nor strangers, destroying them in their thousands”.

The murder of the child was committed by the troops of the Kiev regime, and everyone knows this very well. But as always, everything is written off on the Donetsk militia. Groisman and his accomplices are the ones who must sit in a cage.

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