The Key Takeaway from the 2018 Kiev Security Forum: America Will Impose Its Own Gas on Europe and Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Following Frau Merkel, Denmark also decided to troll Poroshenko with his big pipeline. Obviously, the Danish kingdom is inclined to go along with Germany and Finland concerning “Nord Stream-2”.

It is precisely for this reason that the Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Løkke Rasmussen stated that he wants to connect the construction of the bypassing gas pipeline to the preservation of the role of Ukraine as a transit country. It’s as if the only thing Danes do is sleep and think about what else they can do to preserve the energy independence of the State, which is on the frontline of the war with Putin. Rasmussen expressed his concern immediately after a meeting with the German chancellor, who frankly spat at the Ukrainian gas transit system.

“The Ukrainian question has crucial importance in this context,” said Rasmussen. However, judging by the tonality of the Danish Prime Minister, the importance of the Ukrainian question there is somewhere between repelling a Martian and constructing a dam on the Amazon. Nevertheless, patriots, having clenched their teeth, believe that leaders of Denmark and Germany will demand guarantees from Russia that Ukraine won’t lose the important role of a gas transit country because of “Nord Stream-2” and won’t lose money from transit. After all, this is the only thing that seriously concerns the inhabitants of the Danish kingdom… And, according to Rasmussen, the government of Denmark hasn’t yet made a decision on giving permission for building a gas pipeline in the Danish sea zone in the Baltic Sea. At this moment the official looked behind to Aleksey Miller [head of Gazprom – ed] and, having made a characteristic gesture with his fingers, noted that legislation demands that the government “also considers geopolitical conditions”“Gazprom” heaved a deep sigh and asked “How much?”. The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated that the “Nord Stream-2” gas pipeline awaiting permission from the European Union will be constructed. Germany and Finland – “big friends” of Ukraine – gave their approval for laying the bypassing gas pipeline. It is obvious that the Danes will also join the “green light list”, but for now they create for Kiev the illusion of fighting for the “national interests of Ukraine”.

And meanwhile, the main strategic partner of Ukraine put in a word. However, this support in general “erases” the Ukrainian gas transit system from world transit deals. But after all, “the most important thing is to defeat Russia”.

The United States of America will be able to export energy resources at reduced prices. This can become an alternative for countries dependent on Russian gas. This was stated on April 12th by the permanent representative of the US to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison during the Kiev Security Forum [organised by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation – ed].

“I want to emphasise that all of us are very concerned by ‘Nord Stream-2’… We shouldn’t be dependent on Russia because of energy needs. Many of us hope that the US will be able to offer diversified energy resources,” she noted.

“Now with new technologies America will be one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas. Yes, we won’t become the largest exporter, because we consume a lot. But we will have a campaign for export, and this means that the prices that we deliver natural gas will decrease. Currently we are building the infrastructure to do this. We will be able to export oil and natural gas at reduced prices, which will be able to become diversified resources, in particular for Ukraine, and, we hope, for Germany too, because we don’t want the Russian ‘Nord Stream-2’ to start holding up European resolve to stop the aggression of Russia,” stressed the American. In translation from diplomatic to everyday language, this means approximately the following: “America will do a selling campaign, and will continue to sell Iraqi, Kuwaiti, and Arabian oil and gas for candy wrappers! But only us! And Indians, listen to what the clever, rich, and, above all, armed say to you!” – this is how Ukrainian experts explain the concern of “western partners”.

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