The Kiev City Council Gave the Green Light to Rename a Street In Honour of John McCain

One of the central streets of Kiev – Ivan Kudrya – from now on bears the name of the war criminal John McCain. The corresponding decision was made on April 4th by the Kiev City Council.

Deputies supported renaming the specified street. “This street was renamed, Kundrya was a Soviet intelligence agent and the head of an underground saboteur and reconnaissance group in Kiev during World War II. Combatting ‘Ukrainian nationalists’ was his main task,” said the Kiev City Council.

The secretary of the Kiev City Council Vladimir Prokopiv stated without shame that John McCain was an “active advocate of the interests of Ukraine and supported its aspiration to live in a modern, democratic state”. In addition, “he was repeatedly in Donbass”.

I want to note that public organisations and inhabitants reached out to us and registered an electronic petition to the city authorities with a proposal to immortalise the name of John McCain in the capital’s street names. Therefore it is quite logical that the Kiev City Council name one of streets in his honour

He also noted that the initiative of renaming was supported by the family of the American politician – the Kiev City Council received a missive from the wife of the senator Cindy McCain.

The final decision was supported by 71 deputies of the Kiev City Council.

Ivan Kudrya (1912-1942) at the beginning of the German-Soviet war led one of the saboteur and reconnaissance groups of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) – the People’s Commissariat for State Security (NCSS) in Kiev. His military rank was lieutenant of state security, and his operational pseudonyms were “Maksim” and “Ukrainets”. His personality was declassified in the Soviet press in the mid-60’s. Then he was posthumously given the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union. During the Soviet period streets and institutions in Ukraine were named after him.

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