The Kiev Maidan Through the Eyes of Sevastopol’s “Berkut”

The Sevastopol based “NTS” TV channel presents unique footage – the silent journey of the special troops leaving Maidan in Kiev. The video was shown for the first time…

On February 20th 2014 the special forces of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – including Sevastopol’sBerkut, regiments of the Internal Troops and Patrol-Sentry Service – left Kiev. They left the positions they had taken by force during the days prior. They were leaving Maidan, where not much else was left to do other than cleansing it of the extremists who gathered there: just a little bit of time and a little will of the person who was responsible back then for the whole country. But he turned out to be a weak-willed coward, who preferred negotiations with the opposition and to flee. The day of February 20th became the most difficult in all the standoff. Maidan received weapons. The special troops started to be simply destroyed. The people who were fatally tired and exhausted by the multi-day standoff left in silence.

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