The Kiev Regime Subjected the Village of Lisichansk in the Lugansk Region to Intensive Psychological Warfare

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The press service of the Operation of United Forces reported on Facebook that events will take place in the Lugansk region that “aim to counter terrorist and saboteur threats”….

“Due to the carrying out on July 31st and on August 1st, 2018 of preventive measures aimed at countering terrorist and saboteur threats in the city of Lisichansk of the Lugansk region, the command of the United Forces urges residents not to needlessly leave their houses, to follow the rules of personal security, and to report suspicious objects, explosive substances, and other things. For the purpose of clarity, in case the need to travel to other districts of the city arises, we ask to make sure that ID documents are carried at all times,” reported the headquarters of the OUF.

“ID documents” means passports, driving licenses, documents from places of study, and so on. All operations will take place under the authorisation of the commander of the OUF Sergey Nayev.

“The situation with the anti-terrorist threat is under control,” reported the military, hurrying to console the local residents.

Also, the local residents were asked not to panic and to follow the security rules.

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