The Kiev Regime Uses Its Military to Keep the Odessa Region Under Its Thumb

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Among all the regions that have been affected by the scandalous martial law imposed by Petro Poroshenko, the largest pressure is put on the Odessa region.

Earlier it was already reported that a significant amount of UAF soldiers was noticed in the region, and the deployment of the border service along the border with Transnistria strengthened, and outposts along key highways were established. Even this was a lot for 30-days of martial law.

However, the Kiev regime wasn’t satisfied with what has already been achieved and continued the dubious militarisation of the region, which the Ukrainian informational service reported about.

Thus, it’s not only outposts that appeared at key road intersections leading to the regional center. They were strengthened with large-caliber machine guns and mortars, and military cars and armoured personnel carriers were located nearby. At the same time, as the media notes, several days ago roads were guarded by police officers and several armoured vehicles.

In addition to military pressure, psychological pressure is also exerted on the Odessa region. Thus, the day prior in Odessa a briefing took place, during which it was made clear that the full-scale cleansing of the region  of objectionable persons is planned. This is understood as everyone who is suspected of anti-state activity.

In particular, Yury Lutsenko advised not to criticise the actions of the Kiev regime and not to present the UAF ships that broke-through the Russian border on November 25th and were thus detained as guilty.

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Experts consider that another provocation will unfold exactly here, as the border with Transnistria allows to strike blow on Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria. However, it is impossible to exclude that the social tension in the Odessa region will cross the point of no return and will develop into protests.

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