The Last Known Footage of Aleksandr Zakharchenko Was Published

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The last known footage of the head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko has been published. As the “Life Shot” Telegram channel reports, the night before his death he laid flowers at the monument to Joseph Kobzon in the DPR.

In the footage it is seen how Zakharchenko is accompanied by armed security forces.

As a reminder, a powerful explosion took place at the “Separ” cafe in the center of Donetsk. As a result of the incident the head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko received a fatal wound, and subsequently died in hospital. The death of the head of the DPR was already confirmed by his administration.

The special services of the DPR called the explosion a terrorist attack. Also, the media reported about the arrest of persons suspected of assassinating Zakharchenko. Besides this, it became known that one of the suspects is one of the security guards of the head of the DPR.

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