The Leader of the Nazi “C14” Organisation Called to Tolerate the Desire to Kill a Journalist

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The ultra-right consider that the cases of journalists being attacked, which have become frequent in Ukraine recently, are justified. In their opinion, these attacks are the attempts of people to fulfil the functions of the authorities. This was stated on the air of the “Magnoliya” TV channel by the leader of the far-right C14” organisation Evgeny Karas.

He noted that attacks on journalists is a “people’s trial”, which, in his opinion, people resort to because of the inaction of the authorities.

“It is clear why people resort to this… People worry that the authorities aren’t coping with their duties… Their despair leads to lawlessness. They do it [attack journalists] not because they like to have fistfights. I doubt that someone enjoys spitting at or slapping a journalist in the face: they worry that if the Russian media will work here, then what will then happen in Donbass?” stated Karas.

He also noted that he personally understands those people who attack journalists, however it’s unlikely that the “C14” organisation is ready to do such actions. Live on air the leader of “C14” didn’t claim that either he or his organisation is responsible for attacks against workers of the media [here is proof that he is in fact guilty – ed], noting that the even recorded facts of an attack happened when this or that person “acted not as a journalist”, and explaining that he in principle doesn’t consider the victim as a journalist.

“Imagine that near you Ukrainians smash the face of a separatist journalist agent. What to do and how to react? I personally consider that it is necessary to show humility and mercy. All of us are imperfect. If a person decided to send a separatist into the next life – we have to tolerate this human feebleness,” wrote Evgeny Karas in introduction to the video of “Magnoliya-TV” on his Facebook page.

Also, the leader of “C14” emphasised that “sending criminals into the grave” is, in his opinion, the function of state and governmental structures, and not of “activists, veterans, or housewives who had to come to a protest”.

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