The Leader of Ukrainian Nationalists in Odessa Was Involved in Kidnappings for Ransom

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Odessa kidnappers were detained who snatched people for the sake of payment. The amount that they demanded as payment can’t be called modest – the “starting price” was $100,000.

Information about the arrest appeared yesterday, and today the media in Odessa identified the head of the regional cell “National Corpus” Aleksandr Novoselsky as one of the detainees.

According to police data, in November, 2017, members of the gang kidnapped someone and demanded a payment of $200,000 from their relatives.

“This nationalist group ‘specialized’ in impudent kidnapping for the purpose of receiving payment. The requests of these ‘visiting tourists’ started at $100,000. In November, 2017, information about someone’s disappearance came to the police. Later their relatives received a call from the thieves and a random of $200,000 was demanded,” reported the chief of the main department of the National Police in the Odessa region Dmitry Golovin on Facebook.

Law enforcement authorities carried out more than 30 searches, as a result of which they confiscated a large arsenal of weapons and drugs. Among what was confiscated: a Goryunov machine gun, packages of cartridges of various calibers, a “AKS 5.45” submachine gun and magazines for it with nearly 80 bullets, pistols, bayonet knives, three grenades, TNT blocks, and so on.

A bit later the head of the Ukrainian police Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page on Facebook published a photo of the detainee, who was easily identified as the head of the “National Corpus” party in Odessa Aleksandr Novoselsky – previously the head of the local “Azov” branch.

However, according to central media, Novoselsky didn’t lead the criminal group and didn’t participate in kidnappings, but people involved in “Azov” and “National Corpus” were really involved in the gang.

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It should be noted that “National Corpus” is a far-right party created on the basis of “Azov” headed by the radical Andrey Biletsky. Quite often this organisation is linked with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, since it always supports all his initiatives. For example, the blockade of Sberbank of Russia organised by members of “National Corpus” is connected to the direct upholding of the financial interests of Avakov.

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