The Legendary Dnepropetrovsk Footballer Volodymyr Lyutyi Criticised the Junta in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The legendary player of “FC Dnepropetrovsk” and the champion of the 1988 Olympic Games Volodymyr Lyutyi, who the other day was appointed the head coach of the youth team (U-19) of German “Hansa” spoke rather critically about the current situation in Ukraine.

“I still have Ukrainian citizenship, there are no changes. Just  that the lawlessness of the Ukrainian authorities… I won’t keep this passport for much longer. Look at the mess that the authorities are doing to the people. The question of nationality doesn’t arise here — your knowledge and skills are more important. I spent a considerable part of my life in Germany and wanted to return to Ukraine. I was ready to even work for free, but nobody needs anything. It’s not development, it is destruction. Everywhere there is corruption and dealings,” said Lyuty to “” in an interview.

The athlete and trainer said that he was a patriot of Ukraine until he lived in the country:

“I am very sorry for the Ukrainian people and I sympathise with them. If you look at my Facebook page you will see posts about our authorities. It is the genocide of the people. Why is everyone silent? They came to power when there were 40 million inhabitants. Now there are 26 million. People flee from there, like from a sinking ship. It is impossible to live there. In Ukraine people just exist. I known what it feels like,” said the trainer.

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