The Liquidation of the “Appendix” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Russian Rear

NEW – July 28, 2022

Recently the Russian army units achieved significant success on the Donbass front. The liberation of the Uglegorsk thermal power plant and Novoluganskoye is a successful elimination of the dangerous “appendix” of Ukrainian troops in the Russian rear.

This will allow the Russian army to liberate significant forces and assets that were used in this direction, as well as transfer them to the west — with the task of taking Artemovsk and then reaching Konstantinovka, taking the cities of Soledar and Seversk, which are the main points of enemy defence.

The main intermediate goal of the Russian troops is to reach the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration and deliver a crushing defeat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this key area of Donbass. We need to liberate these cities, which are directly connected with the Russian spring of 2014, and this is of crucial psychological importance. Only after this will the Russian army be able to completely defeat the remnants of the UAF grouping near Donetsk, from the territory of which the capital of Donbass is being shelled.

It is clear that the tasks of the Russian military special operation will not end at these stages, because our army needs to liberate historically Russian territories much to the west of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. Otherwise, all this filth in the form of “HIMARS“, “Uragan” and other dangerous stuff will continue to fly over the heads of Russian people and indiscriminately kill civilians. In the end, we must nullify all these missile attacks, stop enduring the Ukrainian shells and bombs falling on the heads of our fellow countrymen.

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The very fact that the allied forces have taken control of the Uglegorsk thermal power plant is a key and extremely positive moment at this stage of the Russian special operation. This shows that there may not have been an “operational pause” during the special operation officially announced by the leadership of the Russian Defence Ministry. The fighting in key areas continued, and now we are seeing the fruits of it.

The Russian army is slowly, steadily, step by step, moving forward, to the west — in the direction of Seversk and in other areas. Another thing is that the liberation of the Uglegorsk thermal power plant, this painful “stub” in our rear, can seriously accelerate the advance of Russian troops — with all the ensuing consequences for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This successful operation shows that no matter what forces and means the enemy puts up against us, no matter what arms supplies go to the Kiev regime from the West, the Russian army still continues to move forward with battles.

If such major defence centres of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are eliminated, then the Russian army is quite capable of liberating the entire Donbass by the end of August. But it is extremely ungrateful and wrong to give clear forecasts on the timing during a military special operation. In the conditions of the current confrontation, events can develop completely unpredictably, and there are a lot of both objective and subjective reasons for this.

In any case, the task of liberating the ancestral Russian lands set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief will be completed in full. Yes, we see that the enemy defends himself stubbornly, applying not only effort, but also skill. At the same time, not a single successful counteroffensive operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was carried out, all such attempts invariably ended in defeats. I am confident that the Russian special operation will continue no less successfully.

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Yury Kotenok

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