The Lisichansk Issue Is Resolved

NEW – July 1, 2022

Despite the fact that Lisichansk has not yet been taken, next week we can expect the completion of the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk operation, which ended not only with the capture of the left bank, but also with access to the administrative border of the Lugansk Republic (Popasnaya-Belogorovka).

They did not encircle Lisichansk and lay a siege, but on the move they went to capture it, taking advantage of the withdrawal of the main forces and locking those units that the Ukrainian Armed Forces planning to leave as suicide bombers and deterrence.

At the same time, parts of the Northern Flank forcedly crossed the Seversky Donets in the Privolye district, took the city, and went out to the suburbs of Novodruzhesk, and also established control over the Privolnyansky mine, and entered Shipilovka. Advanced units area in the area of the Berezovsky slag heap.

The Southern Flank attacks in three directions at once. After the capture of Spornoe, today battles unfolded in Ivano-Dareyvka. I think the Verkhnekamenskoye-Ivanodaryevka line will become a new front line during the operational pause. At the same time, there is fighting in Zolotarevka. Between units of the Northern and Southern flanks in a straight line less than 10 km.

Fighting is taking place in the suburbs of Lisichansk. They are preparing in the future and, if possible, for the transfer of units from the other shore.

In general, we can say that the operation is being completed. Separate battles and sweeps will still take place in Lisichansk, Novodruzhesk and Belogorovka, but there is no longer a systemic defence. It’s necessary to be wary of attempts to detonate mined objects in cities, but from a military point of view, the operation is in the final phase, and the UAF is not able to change anything in this area.

Apparently, the approximate dates of the operation were set on July 1. I assumed that the encirclement would be completed by mid-June.

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After completion, there will be an operational pause in this section.

Krich LI

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