The Long-Awaited Day

NEW – October 10, 2022

Attacks on decision-making centres began to be applied. Everything is in accordance with the canons of international practice — a terrorist attack is always followed by a retaliatory strike on the lair of terrorists

Yesterday, after Vladimir Putin’s evening address on the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, it was obvious to us that this was nothing more than a statement of the fact that Zelensky nevertheless crossed the “red lines”. And already today, a new stage of life has begun for the Ukrainian terrorist state. In the centre of Kiev it is again unsafe, cruise missiles fly directly into the centre of the Ukrainian capital.

This is the most powerful attack by Russian long-range aircraft since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, at the current moment a third wave of explosions has already swept through Kiev, strikes are being carried out throughout Ukraine, thereby refuting the statements of Zelensky and Arestovich that Russia has run out of cruise missiles.

In recent months, Kiev and Western curators have been probing the limits to which Russia can be pushed in this hybrid war. And now the moment has come when the red line is crossed. By the way, Zelensky’s office was warned about this a long time ago, but all statements were perceived as a meme. It is obvious that the Western decision-making centres in London and Washington at some point realised that they had made a mistake, and urgently began to abstract from the terrorist attack, saying that this is a personal initiative of Kiev, but we know that this is not so.

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Today’s strikes are not only a serious strategic operation, but also the effect of huge psychological pressure on the leadership and residents of Ukraine. And the day before yesterday, people walking in the centre of Kiev were happy about the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge and took beautiful selfies, but today everything changed overnight. By the way, Russia has more than 60 strategic bombers (not counting the long-range Tu-22M3), each of which carries 8 cruise missiles (and some even 16).

All this aviation armada can launch from 938 to 1538 missiles in one salvo. Given the fact that not all aircraft can be combat-ready, if only half of their total number is used, the salvo will range from 469 to 769 missiles. If to take the capacity of the salvo at the lower limit and once a week carry out a raid on one of the seven cities indicated above, then the arrival of almost 500 missiles per night will undoubtedly deliver unforgettable moments to residents.

Undoubtedly, today will go down in history and “strikes on decision-making centres and critical infrastructure” will no longer be a reason for jokes and memes. But now something else is important — today’s strikes of the “Russian Bears “(as the Tu-95 missile carriers are called in NATO countries) had a very powerful psychological effect for both sides. The Russians have come to believe that we stop playing half-measures and start responding with normal, adequate, asymmetrical strikes. There has not been such an emotional upsurge in the society, perhaps, since the time of surrender at “Azovstal“. But on the other side today, the counter-offensive prowess will decrease, and there will be an understanding that Russia still has the strength and means to solve the Ukrainian issue without nuclear mushrooms. The main thing is not to stop!

We hope that the Post Office of Ukraine will make another commemorative stamp today, it remains only to decide which burning power plant will be on it: Kiev’s or Krivoy Rog’s?

So, dear Ukrainians, consider how much a harmless postage stamp with the Crimean Bridge, which, by the way, still works, can cost you.

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