The LPR Declared a Day of Mourning After the Junta in Kiev Murdered a Mother and Her Daughter

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the eve of the Orthodox Intercession of the Theotokos, the Ukrainian military opened fire at the territory of the LPR using weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements. As a result of this, as as earlier reported, two civilians in the village of Maryevka were killed. The Acting Head of the Administration of the city Sergey Afanasyev announced that a day of mourning has thus been announced on the territory of Pervomaisk and the administratively subordinate settlements on October 16th.

“At 19:30 two civilians from the settlement of Maryevka were brought to the forensic medical examination department of the town of Stakhanov. The nature of injuries – shell-explosive,” noted the doctor, having at the same time added that more detailed information will be available after the autopsy.

In turn, the official representative of the Armed Forces of the LPR Andrey Marochko described the details of shelling.

“On the eve of a big orthodox holiday the UAF committed yet another crime against the civilians of Donbass. Fire was opened from a 122mm mortar – forbidden by the Minsk Agreements – from the direction of Zolotoye-4 towards the direction of the settlement Maryevka. As a result of this a number of housing constructions were destroyed. Also two inhabitants of this settlement – a mother and her daughter – received wounds incompatible with life,” said Marochko.

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