The LPR Is Ready to Consider the Question of Granting Savchenko Political Asylum

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The LPR is ready to consider the question of granting Savchenko political asylum. The corresponding statement was made during a conversation with the journalists of “MK” by Vladislav Deynego, the envoy of the Republic at the negotiations in Minsk.

“If we had plans to murder Poroshenko and other Ukrainian leaders with the help of our supporters in Kiev, we would never announce it publicly.

I can say that Lugansk didn’t hire Savchenko as a saboteur and didn’t make with her any joint plans for a coup in Ukraine and then to conclude a peace agreement with the new authorities.

It is obvious that Poroshenko is afraid of Savchenko, since she is one of the few people in Ukrainian politics who isn’t afraid to call things by their proper names and tells the truth as she understands it to the best of her abilities.

Such people are dangerous for the regime that was created as a result of Maidan, especially in the context of upcoming presidential elections.

Poroshenko is afraid that Savchenko has more support in society than he does, that’s why he wants to discredit her and isolate her from participating in politics.

If Savchenko faces the threat of being deprived of her freedom, she can appeal to the LPR for political asylum. We promise to consider this question,” stated Deynego.

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