The LPR Opened an Exhibition of Evidence of Ukrainian Military Aggression

On March 29th an exhibition of proof of the military aggression of the UAF in Donbass, which was assembled by the power structures of the LPR, was opened in Lugansk in the square of Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, reports the correspondent of the Lugansk Information Center.

Before opening the exhibition, the inhabitants and leaders of the Republic participated in a meeting-requiem. Participants of the meeting observed a minute of silence in memory of those who died during the punitive operation of the Kiev Armed Forces and laid flowers at the memorial sign “To the victims of the airstrike on June 2nd 2014”. The exhibition and meeting-requiem were also attended by the well-known Russian rock performer Yuliya Chicherina.

Hundreds of fragments of ammunition, including fragments of “Tochka-U” missiles and ammunition fired by “Uragan” MLRS, which the Kiev Armed Forces used to shell the civilians of the Republic, and also the drones of the UAF that were downed over the territory of the Republic, were presented to the public.

The Ministry of State Security of the LPR presented at the exhibition 150 volumes of criminal cases initiated against Ukrainian war criminals. Also, law enforcement bodies presented fragments of damaged infrastructure facilities taken from the scene of Ukrainian saboteurs’ acts of terrorism, in particular, fragments from the main gas pipeline that was blown up by one of Kiev’s saboteur and reconnaissance groups near Rovenky in 2015.

“We will never forget what they (the Kiev Armed Forces) did. In order so that our children and grandchildren know what price Donbass paid for freedom and independence in order so that they could read in textbooks stories about the feats of the defenders of the Motherland and vice versa – about the bloody crimes against the people, about the tribunal that we carried out against the Kiev authorities and the sentence we pronounced,” said the head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik while opening the exhibition.

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He emphasized that such an exhibition will become the next step in preserving the memory of the great fight of the residents of the Lugansk region for their beliefs.

“Many hear the cannonade, but, fortunately, not many kept this shrapnel in their hands. Nevertheless, people should have the opportunity to see how Ukraine kills the residents of Donbass,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Vladislav Deynego, commenting on the exhibition.

The official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko noted that the crimes against humanity committed by the Kiev Armed Forces have no limitation period.

Criminal cases have been initiated against Ukrainian war criminals, all of them will be held accountable. We know them by name and by face. The criminals of the UAF who dirtied their uniforms and conscience with the blood of the civilians of Donbass will incur their deserved punishment

He reminded that the Kiev politicians who came to power via bloodshed carried out the genocide of the population of Donbass and today continue to shell the territory of the Republic.

I want to assure all of those who give criminal orders. We could not be broken in 2014, and will not broken now. You won’t force Donbass to its knees. Victory will be ours

On behalf of the front-line territories of the Republic, the female resident of the settlement of Frunze Angelica Pirogova addressed the participants of the meeting.

“Our children already stopped being afraid of shell explosions, they got used to it, and it is terrible. Every day our lives, our health, and our future are taken away from us. For what? For the fact that we want to live in a free country? For the fact that we hold in remembrance our fathers, our history, our Slavic traditions? For the fact that we go in the way bequeathed by our ancestors?” asked Pirogova rhetorically.

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She noted that the residents of the front-line settlements of the Republic are not afraid of the daily shelling any more, they have only rage for the Kiev Armed Forces and the Ukrainian government.

The serviceman of the People’s Militia of the LPR Aleksandr Shapka reminded that any army can shoot at its own people only once, and after this – they are already shooting at foreign people.

“We will not retreat! Our cause is just! We will fight for what we started in 2014, and while we will fight – our fallen comrades are near us, and we are not ashamed to look at widows and mothers in their eyes, we are not ashamed to look at people who believe in us and believe in our further defence,” he said.

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