The Lvov City Council Decided to End Financing for the Lvov Organisation of WW2 Veterans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The other day the Lvov City Council refused to finance the activity of the public organisation “Lvov City Council Organisation of Veterans of Ukraine”.

The grounds for the refusal, according to the official response, is that after the application had been considered and its ranking had been formed by the commission, the application of the “Lvov City Council Veterans of Ukraine” public organisation didn’t gather enough points and it thus didn’t pass through selection. The new competitive selection procedure is regulated by decision No. 673 of the executive committee of the Lvov City Council from 06.07.2018 “On the approval of the procedure of using the money of the Lvov city budget for giving financial support to public associations of persons with disabilities and veterans”.

The transparency of the competition and the way in which public organisations are informed by the City Council about changes made to the procedure of determining rankings, and, therefore, receiving financing, provoked many questions to which there is currently no answer. You be the judge.

The application with a request to give the “Lvov City Council Organisation of Veterans of Ukraine” financial support for 2019 was sent to the social protection department of the Lvov City Council on June 6th, 2018 in full, including calculations and appendices, in accordance with the governing documents of the executive committee of the Lvov City Council for 2017.

On July 6th, 2018, exactly a month later, the Lvov City Council adopted the new decision made by the executive committee – No. 673 “On the approval of the procedure of using the money of the Lvov city budget for giving financial support to public associations of persons with disability and veterans”, which changes the procedure for considering documents submitted by public organisations, ranking the participants on the grounds of the gained points, and also determining the amount of money that needs to be allocated for the activity of public organisations.

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Of course, the public organisation of veterans wasn’t informed about the new decision to make changes to the formation of rankings, and, consequently, changes to the method of submitting applications and calculating points. Also, the public organisation wasn’t informed about the place and time of carrying out consideration of the demands for financing, thus it was deprived of the opportunity to influence the process and to substantiate its position.

Despite the numerous requests to inform the public organisation concerning the circumstances and reasons for such a low ranking and the refusal to give financing, a reasonable answer still hasn’t been received. The procedure of determining the ranking, the procedure of voting, and the procedure of determining the list of public organisations to which financing is given remains a big secret.

The so-called openness of the Lvov City Council, which is constantly mentioned by the democrat mayor Andrey Sadovoy, turned out to be ostentatious and doesn’t correspond to reality or to the real facts concerning the work of the City Council.

There is one more little-known reason for such a course of events and the ranking of the veteran organisation – the attention paid by far-right and nationalist organisations to the activity of the organisation.

Thus, in the spring the Ukrainian Galician Party caused a scandal in the City Council because the current city leaders finance anti-Ukrainian structures at the expense of the city budget. Back then it concerned the aforementioned Organisation of Veterans of Ukraine. “The Lvov City Council finances anti-Ukrainian organisations,” it was said in the statement made by the Ukrainian Galician Party on Facebook.

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In addition, Svoboda, which has its deputies in the Lvov City Council, the organisations of veterans of the ATO, Right Sector, and the “OUN Voluntary Organisation” are all bothered by veterans of the Great Patriotic War of Lvov and can’t sleep peacefully knowing that this organisation operates and holds events.

And in order to avoid being persecuted by radicals for allegedly supporting the “Russian world” and flirting with it, the mayor of Lvov decided to deprive the “Lvov City Council Veterans of Ukraine” of funding in order to increase his approval rating and to impose calm. The organisation, which totals more than 10,000 members includes 15 living veterans of the Great Patriotic War who were in combat, more than 100 children born during the Great Patriotic War, veterans, and disabled workers and military personnel.

All of these people are no longer needed by their own city. People who experienced war, defended their country against Nazism, rebuilt post-war what was destroyed during war, who honestly worked for the benefit of Ukraine and today need support, respect, and help. People who are an integral part of the community of Lvov. And in an instant they are no longer needed by the city authorities.

And all of this is because of the fact that the Lvov veterans respect history, which today is contrary to the official history of Vyatrovich and the Ministry of Social Policy. Therefore they don’t fit into the paradigm of the modern historiography of Ukraine that is imposed on the state by the nationalist-radicalised authorities.

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The decision of the City Council to refuse to finance the “Lvov City Council Organisation of Veterans of Ukraine” is political. Today’s government thus fights against persons it deems to be undesirable.

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