The Macron Regime Demolished the Replica “Arc de Triomphe” Built by the Yellow Vests in Southern France

Who are the actual breakers? 50 soldiers and 20 policemen came to destroy a completely harmless piece of work serving as a meeting point for the Yellow Vests… Below is the description of the sudouest news agency concerning what happened.

Law enforcement came to the Campanile roundabout – a symbolic place for the struggle of the Yellow Vests in the fortified town – to destroy the work erected by the protesters.

Rumours began to rustle during the night of April 15th … And they turned out to be true on the morning of April 16th . At 6 am, the police, assisted by a mobile force unit, proceeded to dismantle the “arc de triomphe” that had been illegally erected on the Lalande roundabout, known as the Campanile roundabout, which straddles the municipalities of Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Pujols, since March 16th. A squadron of mobile gendarmes of about 50 soldiers and a score of policemen, and Agen and Villeneuve residents were mobilised for the operation made all the more delicate since Yellow Vests, a small half-dozen, had become used to sleeping on the first floor of the Arc de Triomphe. At 9:25, the technical services had finished the clean up.

During their intervention, law enforcement made sure to respect the places of reverence and the objects arranged in memory of the Yellow Vest Olivier Daurelle, who died under the wheels of a truck, in Agen, in December 2018. Crosses, flowers, and photos were left intact.

On site, our journalist confirmed the disassembly, one hour after the start of operations.

This action is the translation of the regulatory and judicial battle that had begun between the Yellow Vests and the State. The prefect, Beatrice Lagarde, had issued a prefectural decree on April 1st that ordered the destruction of this building.

“Since the appeal brought before the administrative court of Bordeaux was rejected on April 10th, this decision could be executed immediately, any possible appeal not being suspensive,” wrote the prefecture in a statement dated today.

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