The Maidan Activist Vladimir Parasyuk Accused Poroshenko & Co of Usurping Power

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The non-factional people’s deputy Vladimir Parasyuk [who had a hand in the sniper shootings on Maidan in 2014 – ed] accused Petro Poroshenko’s government of murdering the Kherson activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk.

The politician said this during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada concerning the question of establishing a temporary investigative commission in relation to the attack on Gandzyuk and other activists.

“Do you know who killed Ekaterina Gandzyuk? She was killed by the system, which is headed by Petro Poroshenko, and you ought to know this. All of you who pressed the buttons [voted – ed], you reformed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor-General’s Office, all of you killed her. You know, in Ukraine there isn’t a police, a Prosecutor-General’s Office, or a SBU. There are two ‘enterprises’: one belongs to Avakov, and the second – Poroshenko. And they, with the help of these two ‘enterprises’, increase their stakes, and the people simply suffer. And all of you are to blame because people don’t feel safe on the streets. Yury Vitalyevich [Lutsenko – ed], when you say let’s sit and speak quietly, in reality you don’t want any dialogue. You all usurped power in Ukraine. Remember that all these deaths are on your hands! And you will live with this to the end of your days,” said Parasyuk.

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