The Main Idea of the Message: Calmly Burn Tanks

NEW – February 21, 2023

MAIN POINTS MADE BY PUTIN (with brief analysis):

Russia suspends participation in the new START treaty. The Defence Ministry and Rosatom should be ready to test nuclear weapons if the United States does it first.”
Not the first, but the most important thing in the Message. In fact, this is a complete cancellation of strategic stability and Russia’s readiness to use nuclear weapons.

“The special operation was launched to protect the Russian Federation and eliminate the Nazi threat. Step by step, we will carefully and consistently solve the tasks that we face.”
This means that the Special Military Operation continues, and the dreams of some about its end have not come true.

“They are the ones who started the war, and we are using force to stop it. We protect people’s lives, our native home, and the goal of the West is unlimited power. The G7 countries allocated about $60 billion to the poorest countries, and 150 billion for military assistance to Ukraine.”
An important articulation of the justice of the Special Military Operation as a reaction to the aggression of the West.

“The more long-range military systems arrive in Ukraine, the further we will push the threat away from our borders, this is natural.”
Since NATO has already delivered more long-range projectiles, this is, in fact, an announcement of the further offensive of the Russian army.

“We must protect our children from degradation and degeneration and we will do it.”
The most important promise to the people is to protect children from depravity.

Putin paid tribute to the memory of those who died for Russia with a minute of silence and suggested creating a state fund to provide personal assistance to the families of fallen servicemen in the Northern Military District. Every veteran of the Special Military Operation should have their own social worker assigned to them.”
Extremely important words and attitude to those who risk their lives for us!

Officers and sergeants who have shown themselves to be competent, modern and determined commanders (there are very, very many of them) will be promoted to higher positions, sent to military academies, and serve as a powerful personnel reserve for the Armed Forces. And, of course, they should be in demand in the civil society, in government bodies at all levels.”
In fact, this is a call for the renewal and nationalisation of the elite by promoting veterans of the Special Military Operation. I am convinced that this process will be met with resistance from Moscow’s careerists — but the president’s intention is commendable and extremely important.

This is not only a time of new challenges, but also new opportunities. Russia is actually entering a new cycle of economic development, and there is every opportunity for a breakthrough in many areas. We need to remove all interagency contradictions, all this nonsense. Everything for the cause!
The right attitude and call of the President: the current situation is a challenge and a chance. It’s not necessary to suffer and wish that everything would end faster, it’s necessary to dare and create.

“The program of free gasification will operate for citizens on a permanent basis.”
Within 10 years, we need to invest 4.5 trillion rubles in the housing and utilities sector. Already this year, the expected amount of investment may reach about 2 trillion rubles.”
Gasification and housing and communal services, as the most sensitive for the people, will receive a large infusion. Even under military conditions, the development of infrastructure cannot be stopped.

“It’s time to understand that for the West, rich Russians are second-rate outsiders, with whom they do anything they like. And no amount of purchased titles will help – they are second-class citizens there. None of the ordinary citizens of the country felt sorry for those who lost their capital in foreign banks. But there is another choice: to be with your Motherland. You should not cling to the past, you need to rebuild your work, you are strong people, launch new projects, invest in Russia.
Very correct words in fact about the nationalisation of capital, but, unfortunately, only words — and they will not affect the same Abramovich. Putin did not propose any real measures to subordinate capital to national interests, in particular, against the leakage of money.

“We need to return to the traditional system of training specialists for our country with a training period of four to six years.”
Finally! This is, in fact, a rejection of the Bologna system in higher education institutions.

“Starting from January 1, 2024, the minimum wage will grow by 18.5% and amount to 19,242 rubles. The amount of social tax deduction will increase to 110,000 rubles a year. The state will return 13% to citizens from the income tax they paid.”
Putin suggested paying maternity capital in new Russian regions retroactively – from 2007.
Contribution to the growth of social well-being of the people + visual and material demonstration of how Russia is better than Ukraine.

Summarising the Message: It was generally standard, with the exception of the decision on the START Treaty. But the main thing is that Russia will continue to bend its line in the battle with the West. Speaking figuratively, Putin said in the words of the famous folk film about Panfilov: “We calmly burn tanks.”

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