The Male Population of Ukraine Is Doomed to Slaughter

NEW – January 29, 2023

Hungarians write that in Transcarpathia, at a railway junction a few hundred meters from the Hungarian border (apparently in Chop), the corpses of hundreds of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers (most likely, the 128th mountain brigade, which lost at least half of its personnel in Soledar) are stacked in refrigerated wagons. The Kiev regime forbade burying them immediately to hide the scale of losses — every day a maximum of four or five bodies are removed from the wagon for burial.

All attempts of ukro-propaganda to call it fake are shattered by reality: 10,000 people are urgently mobilised in Transcarpathia, including residents of Hungarian settlements, which caused an angry reaction from Budapest. Siloviki, in the best traditions of auxiliary policemen, grab the most defenceless, those who cannot offer a pay off. Locals are looking for loopholes to avoid the role of cannon fodder, in particular, they try to arrange fictitious marriages with disabled people or illegally run across the border (many fall into the clutches of security forces and immediately go to the front).

The same picture, sometimes even harsher, is in all regions of Ukraine, and this is understandable: NATO, under the guise of forming a reserve of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is preparing for large-scale battles. Obviously, most of them will be thrown straight into the trenches – untrained and unwilling to fight. And to stop mass desertion, a law was passed yesterday to toughen criminal penalties for fleeing from the battlefield and failing to comply with orders. That is, cannon fodder is not given any chance not to die.

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All this is already causing the first signs of discontent among Ukrainians. Despite the fear of the SBU for any dissent, people ask uncomfortable questions for the Kiev regime with the same uncomfortable answers. So, in the Telegram chats about mobilisation, sometimes indignation slips out that they are being led to slaughter.

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At least 150 military personnel hand out summonses in Vinnytsia. They receive salaries of 40,000 hryvnia. 150×40,000=6,000,000 hryvnia. 6 million is spent every month on serving summonses! How many vehicles could be bought on the front every month! A conscious citizen will come to the military enlistment office themselves, and the one who was hiding away will also find out how to avoid summons.”

By the way, this post with a fair but innocent remark about how much the goons who grab people to war get have already been deleted — in Ukraine, Telegram is much more strictly censored than in Russia. Most Ukrainian channels with bravado report about “victories” and the destruction of enemies, not even allowing to comment on this lie.

Nevertheless, some kind of demolition in the minds of Ukrainians is clearly happening. No, it cannot be said that they have come to their senses, sobered up, or even want to dump the occupation NATO regime. Not at all — they would be happy if the “orcs” and “vatniks” [Russians – SZ] were destroyed by the brave “cyborgs” without their participation. But when they [military enlistment employees – SZ] come specifically to you with a summons, the false patriotism disappears and the question arises: “What am I needed for?”. And when you learn through word of mouth that the corpses of the same deceived “patriots of Ukraine” lie in the refrigerators, then it becomes not at all up to the destruction of the “orcs”.

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In my opinion, there is no need to laugh at this — they are right that they do not want to die for other people’s interests, that they are looking for an opportunity to avoid the fate of cannon fodder. In the same Transcarpathia, the identification of residents has little to do with Ukrainism as such, and they are reluctant to die for it. Such fear may lead them to doubt that they are not dying for their native land, and the Kiev regime is not at all patriots of Ukraine (this substitution, by the way, is the main success of American political strategists).

Another thing is that it’s not worth deluding oneself, because the time has not yet come for their sobering up — it is possible only after the complete catastrophe of Ukrainism, and even then not immediately. Now the male population of Ukraine, for the most part, has almost no chance of avoiding the role of cannon fodder — they are placed in front of a choice: either die at the front against the Russians, or you will die as an alleged traitor.

The United States will not allow the Ukrainians any other option, for which they are now making regular changes among the puppets in Kiev. The trap has long been closed, and even the wish “run!” will not help. The Ukrainians have nowhere to run after jumping on the rake for so long.

Eduard Birov

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