The Maniacal Ukrainian Banderist Dmitry Korchinsky Called to “Grill Separatists” in Ukraine, Following the Example of Odessa

The Ukrainian Nazi Dmitry Korchinsky said that burning people in the House of Trade Unions “saved” Odessa in 2014, therefore the “grill” should be repeated in Lugansk and Donetsk.

“Odessa was indeed on the verge. It turned out that there was a need for a small grill of the House of Trade Unions – and everything was finished, as if by magic. It means that it was possible to do the same in Crimea too. It means that it was possible to this too in Donetsk. It means that the same thing could’ve been done in Lugansk. It was possible to do this very same thing everywhere, especially since in Odessa all of this was done by the ordinary public – the inhabitants of Odessa and Kharkov fans – despite the resistance of cops. They did it,” said Korchinsky on the air of YouTube channel “World and Brovarsky Television”.

“I will tell you that in such a form – grilled – the separatist is much better than in fresh form. Don’t keep them fresh. Fry them,” said Korchinsky to his adherents.

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