The “March of the Greatness of the Spirit” Will Be Held in Lvov in Honor of the SS “Galicia” Division

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian nationalists urge the residents of Lvov to come on April 28th to the monument to Stepan Bandera and participate in the march devoted to the 75th anniversary of the SS “Galicia” division created by Hitler’s men using the residents of Western Ukraine.

A video with the announcement of the procession was posted on the Facebook page of the militants from the OUN battalion Zakhar Dudayev.

“Soldier volunteers from the Galicia division, as well as soldiers from UPA, fought for the interests of the Ukrainian nation. It were those formations that sincerely wanted and fought for united Ukrainian independent statehood.

As was done by the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, the army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, and the Ukrainian Galician Army.

Just like what was done in 2014, thousands of volunteers came out to defend Ukrainian statehood, their case is continued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine…

We invite you to come on April 28th at 6 o’clock in the evening to Stepan Bandera’s monument and to take part in the ‘March of the Greatness of the Spirit’. At the end of the march you are waited by a concert of the ‘Komu Vnyz‘ group,” it is said in the nationalists’ appeal.

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