The Mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Will Fire More Than 30% of Head Teachers for “Separatist Sentiments”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov, known for his promise “and we will hang them later” and his support for punitive battalions, said that about a third of directors and head teachers of schools will be dismissed because of the pro-Russian views and “separatist sentiments”.

He published the corresponding statement on his page on a social network.

“I just know what I have to do. And also I am able to wait. From the second day of my tenure I started to collect a dossier on directors and head teachers of city schools, and I was helped in this by a limited circle of entrusted people.

And in the third year of my tenure I obtained what I waited for. At the moment the humanities department is holding a competition for new appointments of directors of schools.

More than 30% (!) of applicants, since 2014, supported separatist sentiments, despised their own country, and very much loved the adjacent State on social networks or non-publicly. It reached such a level that some of them wrote on Facebook in favour of Ukraine, and in “Odnoklassniki” — in favour of the LDPR and Russia! Now all of them will either be dismissed or not employed.

It’s perfectly legal. Without the opportunity to be restored through the courts. After all, we don’t violate the labor law and we don’t pursue for beliefs.

It would be better if you didn’t enter the competition. After all, the proof still exists. I am not the SBU, I am not the cyberpolice, and I am not a staff national patriot. I just know what I have to do. After all, ‘the authentic art of the soldier is being able to wait’.”

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