The Mayor of Marignane Described How the French Media Lies About Crimea

Translated by Ollie Richardson

14/05/2018 1/2

The mayor of the French city of Marignane Eric Le Dissés said that during his visit to Crimea he admired the patriotism in the eyes of the local residents.

The French delegation is in Crimea on a three-day visit, during which the signing of an agreement between the Crimean resort of Evpatoriya and the French city of Marignane will take place.

“I admire the patriotism that is in your hearts and eyes, the love for your flag. About 50% of the French population has the same view for their national flag,” said Eric Le Dissés at a meeting with the authorities of Evpatoriya and deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimean region.

Eric Le Dissés emphasised that he feels comfortable being in Crimea.

“I am a free person, and if I intend to come to Crimea to share certain things with our people, then nobody will be able to forbid me from doing it,” stressed the mayor of the French city.

Eric Le Dissés also stated that the events that are taking place in Crimea are showed in a negative light in the French media.

“In France I’ve read and heard a lot of information about the situation in Crimea and, having read and listened to all this information I drew the conclusion that I shouldn’t come here, but I came here for peace,” said Eric Le Dissés to journalists.

The mayor emphasised that the French media’s prejudiced position concerning Crimea is offensive and wrong.

“But since I am here, I show that what they say is not what I think,” stressed the mayor.

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