The Military Operation in Ukraine Is Not a “Warm-up” and Not a “Strange War”, but the Initial Stage of a Third World War

NEW – February 13, 2023

It is wrong when they say that Russia is not seriously fighting yet — they say, this is all a warm-up, preparation, etc. Such an attitude towards the Special Military Operation is insulting to our guys who risk their lives, who were killed and injured. Are they not seriously fighting and dying? 10,000 fallen, not counting Wagner soldiers, and tens of thousands of crippled — is this just a warm-up?

No, Russia is waging a real war, there are large-scale military operations throughout the year, in which tens of thousands of people are involved, and the resources involved are constantly increasing. Yes, these are largely positional battles with remote strikes, without large battles of many thousands — but the tension from this is no less. Yes, Russia does not use the full power of its army, dosing forces based on the fact that this is the first stage and keeping in mind the expected clash with NATO — but this should not detract from the importance of those who are fighting on the front line. Yes, general mobilisation has not been carried out in the country and the economy has not been transferred to military rails — but this is not a reason to perceive its as something distant and local.

Putin’s casual words that “we haven’t really started fighting yet” are precisely about the fact that Russia has capabilities that are many times superior to those that are involved now. But they cannot be interpreted as the fact that all this is not serious yet, that the Russian army is just warming up. This is the same lie as when they try to prove that the Russian army is drained of blood and has no opportunity to advance.

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And more. Its often called a strange war. Yes, many things are unclear and experts are puzzled: why did we leave the controlled territories, why do we not strike the railway tracks, why do we not do this and do not do the other?

But in fairness, every new war is always perceived by contemporaries as strange. It is unlike previous wars and what was prepared for in theory. In 1941, there were no less, if not more, oddities, although now we understand the logic of what happened and therefore do not call it strange. Actually, the whole logic of the war — that of the Second World War, that of the Afghan or Vietnamese — becomes clear only after its completion and the disclosure of the intentions of the parties.

In fact, a third world war has begun in Ukraine in a hybrid format. This is the initial stage of a fundamentally new war, and few people understand how it will develop further — this requires a large amount of verified information (which opponents are constantly trying to dilute with disinformation).

A fresh example is Ramzan Kadyrov, who criticised the generals in the autumn for the shameful retreat, today said that it was a military tactical move to regroup troops and he was aware of this plan. From the outside, it is unclear whether Kadyrov back then deliberately misinformed the enemy, or whether he is doing it now and relieves tension between him and the Defence Ministry.

How completely incomprehensible is the real activity and role of PMCs in a new type of war (except that it is significant). With a large number of videos and photos (which, however, often cannot be identified) from the battlefields, it is extremely difficult to understand them and draw accurate conclusions about the actions of the PMCs. For the simple reason that in a hybrid war, information is even more important than in previous wars — and everyone is trying to change and replace it.

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Thus, the Special Military Operation is a strange war to the same extent as all previous wars. That is, no stranger than they are. So, it is necessary to perceive everything as it is at the moment and not try to judge what there is no reliable information about, but be ready for any, the most incredible changes.

Russky Malchik

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