The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine Could Not Prove That Ulana Suprun Is the Acting Minister

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine wasn’t able to prove in court that Ulana Suprun is acting as the head of the Ministry of Healthcare. This became known from the decision of the Economic court of the city of Kiev.

The document was published in the Unified state register of judgments.

It states that among the documents of the claim there is no proof that would confirm the fulfilment of duties of “Minister”. In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, individual entrepreneurs, and public formations there is no information about that the acting Minister is Suprun.

It is known that the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrey Derkach filed a claim against the leaders of the coalition, who for two years didn’t make any proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers for the post of the head of the Ministry of Healthcare. Thus, the deputy is sure that for nearly two years in the country there has been no Minister of Healthcare, although the government implements healthcare reform.

Earlier, Derkach filed a claim against the Cabinet of Ministers, demanding to appoint a legitimate Minister of Healthcare. But the court decided that the Cabinet of Ministers must receive a ministerial candidate from the coalition of the Verkhovna Rada. Thus now Derkach has legal proceedings with factions of the coalition.

The deputy is sure that the absence of a Minister of Healthcare is an attempt of the Cabinet of Ministers to avoid punishment for the failure of healthcare reform.


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