The Moscow Court Arrested in Absentia the Leader of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Organisation “C14”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian radical Evgeny Karas was sentenced to imprisonment in the case of the attack committed on the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kiev on September 17th 2016.

Basmanny Court of Moscow considered the question of taking the Ukrainian into custody at the request of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

“The court satisfied the motion of the investigation for the arrest in absentia of Evgeny Karas. The case is connected to the attack on the Embassy of Russia in Ukraine”

reported the press secretary of court Yunona Tsareva

Charges were brought to the leader of the “C14” radical movement Evgeny Karas under the articles “attacking persons or institutions that have international protection” and “violating the State Emblem of the Russian Federation or national flag of the Russian Federation”.

On the night of September 17th 2016 members of the ultra-right organisations of Ukraine launched fireworks and threw smoke grenades at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kiev. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia sent a note of protest to Kiev. On September 18th they blocked the entrance to the building and denied access to Russians who came to the voting booths organised there for voting in State Duma elections. In addition, the radicals beat up one of the voters and burned a flag of Russia.

In addition to this episode, proceedings included a criminal case concerning the attack on the Russian Center of Culture and Science in Kiev on February 7th 2018. According to the investigators, Karas led a group of activists who rushed into the building, damaged an exposition in the museum, attacked an employee of the establishment who was under international protection, and trampled on Russian flags.

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