The Most Important Consequence of Russia’s Withdrawal From the START-3 Treaty

NEW – February 27, 2023

For some reason, everyone focuses primarily on two points:

A) The US will no longer be able to inspect our launchers, warehouses, carriers, etc. That is, they will not be able to find out the details related to nuclear weapons. Especially with the latest models.

B) Now it will be necessary to include France and Britain in the treaty, that is, either increase the number of nuclear warheads in our country, or lower them in the United States.

Yes, both points are undoubtedly important and relevant. But there is another point that stems from the START-3 treaty that can have the maximum impact on the United States.

This is paragraph 11 of article 4 of this treaty. Here’s what it prescribes:

11. Strategic offensive weapons falling within the scope of this Treaty are not based outside the national territory of each of the Parties.

In other words, we can say this: Russia can now deploy nuclear weapons OUTSIDE of Russia. That is, anywhere. Even in Cuba, even in Nicaragua, even in Venezuela.

The most important consequence of Russia's withdrawal from the START-3 treaty
Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela…

Let me remind you that the Caribbean Crisis occurred precisely because the USSR tried to deploy nuclear weapons in Cuba. It was then that the Americans became alarmed. This scared them so much that they were ready for a third world war, if only there were no missiles in Cuba. It was only after this story that they began to perceive the USSR as a source of serious threat and spoke with us on equal terms.

Now, taking into account hypersonic weapons, “Poseidon” and other “Putin cartoons“, the threat will be 10 times more serious than during the Caribbean Crisis. For example, the distance from Cuba to Washington is 1800 km. For “Kinzhal” it’s about 8 minutes of flight. And its range covers such a distance.

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But after all, now the United States will be able to deploy nuclear weapons closer to Russia?

In general, yes, but do not forget that the United States is a cheater. They sign any such agreements only as a means of deterring their opponents. Especially such law-abiding ones as Russia.

Russia signed START-3 and is behaving honestly, in accordance with the spirit of the Treaty. They also have 10 aces in their deck. They did not include France and Britain in the Treaty. That is, these countries do not exist, although they have weapons. And Russia does not inspect it in any way.

This is despite the fact that from Britain and France to Moscow – 2000 km. To St. Petersburg – 1800. That is, it is about the same as from Cuba to Washington. A clever scheme, don’t you agree?

The most important consequence of Russia's withdrawal from the START-3 treaty

All these years, the NATO bloc has had and still has sites with nuclear weapons 1,800 km from our territory. This is the same Caribbean Crisis, only in reverse. But Russia did not squeal as much as they did in the 1960s. Russia was calm, reserved, and simply asked that its security be respected. No more than that.

But France and Britain are only half the trouble. After all, there is also a missile defense system, whose launchers are installed all over Europe.

Formally, these installations serve not for attack, but for defence. That is, they are supposed to shoot down Russian ballistic missiles if they fly to Europe or over Europe.

The START-3 treaty does not prohibit the installation of such systems, and the United States actively uses this. However, all military experts (and Putin himself has repeatedly stated this) believe that missile defence launchers can be easily and quickly re-equipped with missiles that will be used for an attack.

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Well, this is how our anti-aircraft gunners redesigned the S-300 air defence system for attacks not on aircraft, but on the ground. The Americans can do the same. All the infrastructure in Europe is already in place for this. There is no inspection from Russia.

No one knows what is loaded into these missile defence installations. Maybe there have long been nuclear warheads of 300 kilotons with an eye on Moscow and other major cities. How do we know?

In general, this START-3 was another fiction that only restrained Russia, but did not deter the United States in any way. They did what they wanted, found holes in this agreement and shamelessly used them.

I hope that our people also left the Treaty for a reason. Just a hint of the construction of silos for “Sarmat” somewhere in Nicaragua will allow us to witness screeching on a planetary scale.

I explain on my fingers

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