The Most Interesting Statements Made by Savchenko During Her March 20th Briefing

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The People’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko held a briefing on March 20th in the Rada where she made a number of important statements.

This time the deputy was more frank than on the day of her interrogation by the SBU. Back then Savchenko said in response to the sharp questions of journalists that she will describe everything during a polygraph test.

She for the first time admitted that she indeed discussed mass murders in the Rada. But she allegedly did it for the purpose of misinforming provokers who were sent to her by Bankova Street.

It should be noted that on March 21st the committee of Rada on regulations will consider [or has considered, depending on the time of reading – ed] the question of removing Savchenko’s immunity. The General-Prosecutor’s Office asked the parliament to allow the detention and subsequent arrest of the people’s deputy. And on March 22nd the Rada will vote on this matter.

Seemingly, this is why the heat of Nadezhda Savchenko’s statements grows. Moreover, she has an offensive position, and not one of justification. The video that appeared on March 20th featuring the people’s deputy serves as more proof of this. In Savchenko’s video she is dressed in black stands in an empty sessional hall, and then shouts the phrase “Bang! What, you peed your pants?”.

“Strana” highlighted the most interesting statements made by Savchenko during the March 20th briefing.

I didn’t prepare an act of terrorism in the Rada

Savchenko stated that she didn’t prepare an act of terrorism in the Rada, because innocent people could suffer from it.

“I’ve never had and never will have the thought that it is possible to blow up the Verkhovna Rada so that the innocent die together with the guilty. I have been in the Verkhovna Rada for two years. If I planned something, I would have already done it.

There will be people who without me will blow this Rada somewhere into space”.

The deputy admitted that she would like to change the present authorities in Ukraine, but in a peaceful way.

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About ties with the Kremlin

Nadezhda Savchenko stated that she has no ties with Russia and its special services, contrary to the suspicions of many.

“They have no proof of me having ties to the Kremlin. I am not familiar with Medvedchuk, I never accepted any financing, so to say, from the East. They have no proof of this, and never will have any,” stated the deputy.

“The order of Bankova Street for my liquidation”

According to Savchenko, she received at least three warnings about the preparation of an operation to physically liquidate her. Allegedly the Presidential Administration was involved in this.

“I received the first warning that there is an order from Bankova Street for my physical liquidation from the Presidential Administration, from Taranov (the former head of the Presidential Administration), shortly after which he died.

The second time I received a warning from foreign intelligence that there is an order on my elimination, again from Bankova.

My sister personally went to communicate with Kondratyuk Valery (the deputy head of the Presidential Administration, the former head of the main department of intelligence of the Ministry of Defence) to stop it.

I understood that I may not receive a fourth warning”.

Operation “Misinformation”

Savchenko said that the special services deliberately sent the provokers in her direction. Savchenko found out who they are and intentionally began to misinform these people.

“I started creating surrealism – not only as Lutsenko said, throwing grenades in different directions, firing a mortar at the cupola, I described all imaginable and inconceivable operations,” said Savchenko.

According to her, she constantly consulted on these people, and they made the proposals how it is possible to liquidate the power.

“Object ‘A’ constantly documented all of this on his equipment – so-called Chinese whispers,” reported Savchenko.

Savchenko added that she used these people for her purposes – for example, to go to the “occupied” Donbass and to be engaged in an exchange of prisoners.

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Also, according to her, she learned from them about some corruption schemes that SBU is involved in – for example, connected with smuggling, deliveries of humanitarian aid, and so on.

“A clear picture of war and the bloody trade on the back of war that is carried out by the highest echelons of our authorities became very obvious to me,” summarised Savchenko.

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