The Mother of Oles Buzina Wrote a Letter to Trump About How Neo-Nazis Shot Her Son Near His Own House

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Mother of the killed journalist Oles Buzina wrote a letter to the US President Donald Trump. In the letter she speaks about the murder of her son and the “Nazi methods” of punishing dissenters in Ukraine.

The text of the letter was published on the website community of Oles Buzina.

“Dear Mr Trump! You will understand the reason for my address to you if you imagine your only son being shot by neo-Nazis inside the boundaries of his own house at the order of the head of the FBI, and the Prosecutor-General of the US did everything so that the murderers aren’t even arrested.

And then the court would consider this case so slowly that it will became clear that all process will take no less than 15 years, and you are already 78, like me now…,” wrote Valentina Pavlovna Buzina in her address to the US President.

Here is what else Valenina Buzina wrote about the murder of the son.

“In Ukraine it long ceased being a secret that after Maidan the Ukrainian regime, using Nazi methods of suppressing dissent, forced most of its political opponents to resort to an illegal status or to leave the country. Those who remained were subjected to criminal prosecution, arrests, and tortures, and political murders have gained a mass character, and there are all grounds to believe that the list of victims of political terror, among which there was also my son, was coordinated by the Ukrainian authorities with representatives of the government of the former US President Barack Obama. In order to receive answers to these questions I appealed to the heads of the Prosecutor-General’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the SBU, as well as the president of Ukraine with a request for a personal reception, but unfortunately all of them refused to meet me. The ambassador of the US in Ukraine also refused me in a similar request.

Dear Mr Trump! I ask you to help in punishing the murderers of my son. I understand that this task belongs to Ukrainian justice, but, unfortunately, without your intervention it becomes impossible in modern Ukraine. Once the mother of the killed journalist Georgy Gongadze, like me, appealed to the whole world with pleas for justice, but she died without seeing any justice. After her death the case of the orderers and organisers of the murder of her son was suspended, and under the current Ukrainian regime there is no hope any more for its resumption. The US announced sanctions against officials of the investigative and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation for similar violations of the principle of the rule of law and human rights in the Magnitsky case.

I am afraid that without your intervention the same fate awaits me, and that the murderers of my son, like the organisers of the murder of Gongadze, will avoid being brought to responsibility via the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities. Of course, your intervention won’t solve all the problems of Ukraine, but it can become the first step in the restoration of the long lost belief of Ukrainians in justice. Yours faithfully, Valentina Buzina”.

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