The Mother of the DPR Militiaman Killed in Mariupol Named the Organiser of Her Son’s Execution

The mother of the militiaman Roman Dzhumayev who was killed on September 16th in Mariupol, Lyudmila, said that the organiser of the execution of her son is an accomplice of the UAF, the Ukrainian Nazi Galina Odnorog (seen in the main photo).

“The mother of Dzhumayev is certain about one thing – the murder of her son is the work of the well-known Mariupol activist,” it is said in the statement on the website.

Dzhumayev’s mother said that she received threats from Odnorog and her environment quite often, and her son was physically abused.

“She, together with the nationalist ‘Azov’ brigade, stole my trailer, punctured the tyres, broke it, and took it to the dump. When I came to return it, she and some more people started to threaten us, and after this rushed towards my son. When I started to intercede for him they started to beat me – to hit my head, shoulders, and hands. They beat up my son. He was thrown into a car and taken away somewhere, and then imprisoned him for 8 months. And when he was acquitted – they came and killed him,” said Lyudmila.

It should be noted that according to journalists, Odnorog said on social networks that “it is necessary to destroy families like Dzhumayev’s”.

On Odnorog’s page there is also a video showing the “lads”, who, under the leadership of the Ukrainian activist, came to protect actions during court hearings on the case of Dzhumayev.

At the same time, Galina Odnorog – also known as Masha Ukrainskaya, who calls herself a “volunteer”, said that she was the culprit in the murder of Roman Dzhumayev.

She spoke about this this on her personal Facebook profile.

According to her, she sought to punish Dzhumayev exactly from the moment he was released under house arrest.

“I did everything I could to ensure that scum like Dzhumayev, who was killing UAF soldiers in Donetsk Airpot, was punished. I even wrote a letter to the High Council of Justice, but there was no answer, we wrote to the President of Ukraine Zelensky, but again did not receive an answer,” the volunteer writes.

At the same time, Ukrainskaya said that if she had not told the whole country that Dzhumayev was a former militiaman, no one would have touched him, and therefore, the accusations of the mother of the DPR military man against the “volunteer” are quite justified, she admits.

“I’m already receiving threats on Facebook. They write in the comments to my posts: ‘Wait, you’ll be next’. As I said, Dzhumayev’s mother said that it’s my fault,”complained the “volunteer ”in an interview with a Ukrainian newspaper.

Nevertheless, the woman absolutely does not repent of her deed and does not see a reason for grief concerning the murder of Dzhumayev.

“I thank those who did this because I was afraid to live in Mariupol because of him,” she stated.

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