The Mystery of Who Paid for Navalny’s Treatment Has Been Revealed

The Telegram channel of journalist, political scientist, and doctor Aleksandr Sosnovsky revealed the whole background of the scandalous oppositionist’s VIP treatment:

“Let’s reveal the cards — who pays for Navalny?

Meet Jaka Bizilj, German-born Slovak producer and philanthropist, head of the Cinema for Peace Foundation.

This is the person who found the money (presumably, up to a quarter of a million euros) for Aleksey Navalny’s trip and treatment in Germany.

Jaka is a man known in the field of cinema, theatre, and mass cultural events, since 2001, when he collected money for the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack under the slogan ‘Cinema for peace’.

His name is always associated with raising money for ‘good causes’. Sometimes they are victims of terrorist attacks, more often they are odious personalities like Pussy Riot, Pyotr Verzilov, and others. As soon as somewhere in the world there is an accident with a famous person, Jaka immediately begins to work.

An initiative is created, he allocates huge funds for rescue, flight, treatment, etc.

No one knows how much he gets and how much he has left after the campaign – he does not like to show his accounting.

For example, the chief organiser of the Berlin International Film Festival, Dieter Kosslick, called the events of Jaka ‘complete nonsense’. According to him, he has been demanding for years that Jaka open an accounting office and show how much donations were received and how they were spent. He received no response.

Kosslick resigned from the Cinema for Peace Committee in protest, because he had never seen any documents about the receipt and expenditure of funds.

Speaking of the Committee, it includes several well-known faces in Russia –Mikhail Gorbachev as honorary Chairman, Garry Kasparov, and the Klitschko brothers as members of the international committee.

And finally a question to the activists from Germany.

Does it bother you that the producer, who, according to his colleagues, is not transparent in the matter of receiving and spending money, is engaged in an action in support of Russia’s ‘chief anti-corruption officer’?

A strange coincidence, to say the least.”

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