The Navalny “Poisoning” Scandal Is Gaining Momentum

The press continues to relish the scandal surrounding the alleged poisoning of liberal Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny – he was hospitalised in serious condition after drinking coffee at the Tomsk airport with his assistant Ilya Pakhomov.

Now the media published recordings from two different surveillance cameras. One shows that Navalny was drinking coffee brought by Pakhomov.

In the other recording, a waitress also appears, bringing containers to the oppositionists – these cups, allegedly, were touched only by Aleksey.

On Thursday evening in Moscow and St. Petersburg, regulars of Navalny’s rallies came to the offices of the FSB with plastic coffee cups, blaming the Kremlin for what happened, of course.

“Putin, stop poisoning people!” and “Navalny, live! Politkovskaya. Nemtsov. Who is next?” – was written on homemade posters of participants of the rallies. It is clear that illegal protest activity ended in detentions.

Navalny was also supported by Maidan activists representing the left flank. “Before the State Duma election, the authorities, frightened by Khabarovsk and Belarus, will try to knock out as many bright oppositionists as possible from the political process,” announced Sergey Udaltsov.

Western leaders have already proposed to send the opposition leader to be treated by them.

“We are very worried. We are monitoring the situation very closely and are ready to provide Navalny with all necessary assistance, including asylum,” said French President Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the situation.

“The situation was quickly clarified. Germany is ready to provide Navalny with its own hospitals,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in turn.

At the same time, it became known that Navalny’s associates have already asked the “bloody regime” to send their boss to be treated abroad.

“Wonderful, wonderful. The same people who constantly stigmatise officials for being treated abroad and teaching their children abroad, now ask to send their leader to the same damned official abroad,” said TV presenter Andrey Medvedev, commenting on the desire of the opposition.

Meanwhile, one of the narratives of what happened is an overdose of butyrate, which Navalny could have used as a narcotic substance.

Vadim Egorov

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