The Nazi Origins of US Biolaboratories

The United States openly uses the COVID-19 pandemic to address its geopolitical and geo-economic challenges. Therefore, without waiting for an investigation to be carried out by the World Health Organisation, other countries are accused of spreading coronavirus.

At the same time, the US itself does not want to say anything about their 400 biological laboratories? These bio-laboratories are scattered across the planet and their activities are not regulated by any international agreements. What are they engaged in? What experiments are carried out?

In order to answer this question, it is enough to recall the history of the origin of these bio-laboratories. Their origins should be sought in the period of German-American cooperation of the 1920s-1930s. Within the framework of this cooperation, American and German scientists carried out joint research in the field of medicine and the development of bacteriological weapons. This process continued until the United States entered the war in December 1941. At the same time, American colleagues were not embarrassed by the fact that the Nazis used concentration camp prisoners for “experiments”.

In particular, the prisoners of the oldest concentration camp of the “Third Reich” Dachau were experimented on with malaria and tularemia. The latter was discovered, and actually created, by virologists from the California anti-plague station located near Lake Tulare in the United States. From the name of the latter came the name of an infectious disease, the causative agent of which was bacterium tularensis.

The symptoms of this disease are almost impossible to distinguish from malaria. It is therefore difficult to detect in the field, especially during hostilities. It is no accident that studies of tularemia have become one of the most “promising” within the framework of the American-German “scientific exchange of experience”.

In fact, the Nazi concentration camps became the first laboratories for the development of biological weapons. The Americans gave money and shared scientific knowledge, and the Nazis tested the theories of their colleagues in practice, including through inhumane experiments. In the future, these experiments were continued in the field conditions. Here we will give examples related to this same tularemia.

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The first large-scale outbreak of this infectious disease was registered in the winter of 1941/1942. Back then the Wehrmacht had to retreat under the blows of the Red Army. When retreating to the abandoned territories of the Rostov and Lugansk regions, the Nazis released a large number of rodents vaccinated with bacterium tularensis. At that time in the Rostov region alone in January 1942 14,000 people died from tularemia. The consequences for the Lugansk region were no less severe.

The next use of a bacteriological weapon called “tularemia” occurred during the battle of Rzhev in 1942. Here, on the territory liberated from the Nazis, a huge number of mice infected with bacterium tularensis were also found. According to the memoirs of Soviet doctors, their invasion was so great that small carriers of the infection even during the day swarmed the dugouts and trenches. They were everywhere – in duffel bags and bowler hats. And they spread the infection everywhere. Fortunately, by this time Soviet doctors had already invented an effective vaccine against the pathogen. The outbreak was quickly extinguished.

But Nazi experimentalists did not disappear after that. The next case of provoking the tularemia epidemic is related to the Battle of Stalingrad. Here the Nazis used the fact that almost all medical centers were destroyed on the territory of the Stalingrad region, and the military medical services of the Red Army were overwhelmed by the wounded. Therefore, our military doctors often had neither time nor opportunity to fight the epidemiological threat. Especially since the Nazis used… their own soldiers as carriers of the disease.

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According to Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, at the height of the liquidation of the encircled group Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus… “among our soldiers tularemia suddenly appeared, spread by mice. The number of people infected was huge”. In 70% of cases, the lungs of those infected were affected. Just like the COVID-19 situation. When they started to find out the causes, they found several sources of infection at once.

During the retreat, the Germans filled the fields of numerous haystacks of hay with virus-infected rodents. The Red Army soldiers, unaware of this, used this hay as a lining in trenches and dugouts. Of course, at the same time quickly becoming infected. Another source of infection spread is wells. The Nazis dumped hundreds of rodent bodies infected with tularemia into them.

But the most cynical way is to encourage infectious diseases among their own soldiers. German doctors in many cases ignored epidemiological measures, including those to combat tularemia. After all, Hitler’s order about the inadmissibility of being taken into Soviet captivity was in force. At the same time, Paulus’ surrounded army was doomed. Therefore, the calculation was that after the capture, Wehrmacht soldiers affected by infectious diseases would also infect the Red Army soldiers. That’s partly what happened. At the same time, most soldiers of the 6th Army died themselves from diseases developed in Nazi laboratories, including tularemia.

Finally, the civilian population suffered the greatest losses from the agent bacterium tularensis. In most settlements of the Stalingrad region mortality reached 75%.

These examples alone are sufficient to state that our people have been the target of one of the largest biological wars in history. But this fact did not embarrass our “allies” – the American partners of the Third Reich. They did not stop financing Nazi projects until the last days of the Great Patriotic War. Some of these funds were spent on the implementation of inhuman biological “experiments”.

Thus, none other than the Americans became the sponsors of the Nazi bacteriological warfare. They received almost all Nazi documentation in the field of biological weapons, as well as patents for German inventions. This happened after the surrender of Germany and became the basis for the launch of the American bacteriological program. Its continuation can be observed today in the form of US bio-laboratories. These laboratories scattered around the world are a direct continuation of Nazi projects.

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Let’s add just one thing to this. The Anglo-Saxons have no concept of “the value of human life”. They have always sought to regulate the size of humanity, but not by promoting individual responsibility, but by mass murder. Therefore, it is not worth weaving yourself with illusions that closed US bio-laboratories do not develop new, even more dangerous viruses.

Yury Gorodnenko

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